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Win The Moment

What does it mean to “win the moment”? Not long ago, I watched a really great movie, Dead Poet’s Society. It was my first time ever hearing the phrase, “Carpe Diem”, or “Seize the day”! I instantly fell in love with the idea of getting up every morning and attacking the day with all of the energy and passion I could muster up. In high school, I had either the blessing or the misfortune of having my parents leave . . . without me! Yes, suddenly I was on my own to make decisions — without the benefit of a mom and dad to guide me along the way. I was, however, surrounded by many great adults and mentors who offered great advice, wisdom, and the support to help me navigate this newfound freedom. The one thing I clearly remember is that I was not going to fail. I was determined to succeed — no matter how hard or difficult the road would be . . . and boy, was it ever.

Win the Moment was never meant to be cliché. I simply want to inspire everyone, both young and old, to seize every moment of every day. I want to inspire you to inspire others, and make the world a better place as often as you can. I believe inside all of us is greatness; we just have to let it out. For me, my faith drives me — it gives me a hope in something so much bigger than you and I. What drives you? What is your why? Why do you exist? What do you want to accomplish with this one shot you have been given? To help you figure out those answers, here are Coach Carps Top 5 ways to win the moment every day. Practice greatness, and repeat as often as you can:

  1. Plan for Success.So many fail because they fail to plan. When you approach each day with an expectation, you up the odds of making a powerful difference that not only will change your life, but more importantly, it will change the lives of those around you — in a positive way!
  2. Look for Opportunity. Be aware! Look around you, observe people, places, and watch for your moment. I am convinced that each of us have opportunities placed in our pathway, but do we see them? Do we actively seek to find those moments in which we can be used to inspire and encourage?
  3. Want to Win. You must have a strong desire to win, to be successful, to not be denied no matter what the circumstances are. People don’t succeed because they believe they can’t or they don’t put in the work that is required for true success.
  4. Make It About Others. True greatness is always about serving others. Always! Determine to put others first; it is amazing. “When you value others, you become invaluable” — that is great truth. The most successful people have a firm grasp on this idea of being others-oriented.
  5. Take Someone with You. Life can be hard and sometimes discouraging; enlist a friend to take this journey with you. Even the encourager needs encouragement. Partner up with someone who shares your values and vision. The power of team is so important, and a necessity for longevity.

I believe every one of us has been given a passion; a dream that consumes us on a daily basis. Find your dream, pursue your passion, live each day to make a profound impact on the lives around you. You have been given a gift — the very breath in your lungs is a gift we are each given and we have a certain number of them . . . don’t waste them! You can do it, you can make a difference, you can inspire and bring hope to your world, you can Win the Moment. I believe in you. 😊

Coach CarpWin The Moment

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