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How Badly Do You Really Want it?

“It’s going to get harder before it gets easier, but it will get better — you got to make it through the hard stuff first.”

 – Anonymous

Being a high-level student-athlete takes high level training. How badly do you really want the goals and dreams that you possess deep in your soul? Do you have the determination it takes to excel both in the classroom and on the field? Think about a couple of things:

  1. What does your planner look like? What I mean is where are you spending most of your time? People that compete and succeed at the next level plan to succeed and it is evident in where they spend their time. Like the apostle Paul says, everyone is running in the race, but only a select few win! Those that “win” in life are the ones that truly dedicate time and effort into “planning” to win.
  2. Do you have written goals? Here I am talking about taking the time to make those goals tangible, real, and authentic. If your goals are not written and put in a place where you constantly see them, they are not real. This may sound extreme, but the reality is everyone says they have goals, but are they putting in the effort to reach them? The few that really want to reach them take the time to write them, dwell on the them, focus on them, and dream about those goals on a regular basis. Write your goals out and put them in a place where you can’t ignore them. Determined student-athletes have the grit to back up what they say they are going to accomplish and take on a “I am not going to be denied” attitude.
  3. Don’t be afraid to advertise your goals. Let people know what you are passionate about, your dreams, and what you intend to do with your life. Be proud, be committed, be bold. Don’t be turned away by those who seek to discourage you.

What is keeping you from excelling at a high level on a regular basis? Are my top goals in writing? If not, why? If not, I encourage you to take the time to write them out now, and put them somewhere you see daily.  What are my competitors doing right now — in their lives currently? What areas of my life — academic, athletic, or relational — do I still need to give God complete control? The question is: How badly do you really want it? See it: you have to be able to see your desired future! Say it: do not be afraid to let the world know where you are and where you intend to be. Seize it: get up and go make it happen. I know you can! I believe in you!

Coach CarpHow Badly Do You Really Want it?

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