Win The Moment brings your head and heart into the game with transformational leadership lessons and relational coaching. We help student athletes, coaches, and staff develop skills that give them a playbook for life — on or off the field.



Help your young player achieve more right now, while laying the framework for long-term success.



Learn how to lead student-athletes on their journey to becoming better players and better people.

Schools & Districts

Schools & Districts

Enable your entire staff to rethink and strengthen the way they lead, collaborate and connect.



Give your team critical leadership and relationship-building skills that boost confidence and success.



A Christ-centered leadership and relational coaching experience for youth or adult audiences.

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  • [John's] message is what our kids needs to hear right now. If you have the opportunity, I would highly recommend you jump on it — what an awesome experience!!

    Christa Williams Two-time softball Olympian and coach
  • This was an awesome experience for my team and coaching staff! It definitely impacted my team, and I can’t wait to put some of Coach Carp's tools in action. This is a clinic that every HS team and softball player should experience.

    billy coleman lake trvis high school softball coach win the moment reviews
    Billy Coleman Coach
  • John Carpenter has been both of my children’s favorite teacher. They have both excelled from his guidance, wisdom, and teaching. To have goals, strive, and achieve makes life a thrilling adventure, and Win The Moment 1 can help make the dream come true!

    kat kronenberg review win the moment softball coaching
    Kat Kronenberg Best-Selling Author
  • Phenomenal leader and Christ follower. No question the principles and values taught by Coach Carp are centered in Truth!

    tanner price wake forest win the moment review testimonial
    Tanner Price Former D1 Quarterback, Wake Forest

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MVP CLUB – Making Valuable Players

Designed specifically for the student-athlete, the MVP club is focused on Making Valuable Players for the game and for life. Young athletes often spend vast resources on private lessons to improve their sporting skills. But physical talent is only half of the full picture. The MVP Club is designed to strengthen the other half: the heart, mind and soul of the players we assist. Leadership, teamwork, mental focus, grit — these are skills that not only improve on-field performance, but make a lasting impact that extends far beyond their time in sport.

A membership in the MVP Club is $4.99/month* and includes:

Monthly Video Lesson

  • Email with lesson outline
  • 3-5 minute teaching video
  • First Monday of month
  • Replay as desired

Members-Only Benefits

  • Unrestricted access to ask questions
  • Bonus videos from Coach Carp
  • Inspirational guest videos
  • Other helpful content

Welcome Gift

  • Your choice of:
  • WTM Devotional by Coach Carpenter
  • or a
  • Win the Moment t-shirt

*subscribe yearly for $54.89 and receive one month FREE!

MVP members also receive a discounted clinic ticket and special pricing on all Win The Moment 1 merch


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(members-only area; coming April 2019)

  • [John's] message is what our kids needs to hear right now. If you have the opportunity, I would highly recommend you jump on it — what an awesome experience!!

    Christa Williams Two-time softball Olympian and coach
  • “If you want someone who inspires, motivates, and provides key learning principles with fantastic resources, you will not be disappointed in John Carpenter. John uses real-world situations along with his own personal experiences to help educators grow and learn. Our faculty and staff continue to discuss and practice several of John’s innovative techniques he guided us through. It is my pleasure to endorse John — his positive energy and powerful presentation will not disappoint.”

    brenda russell central texas christian school john carpenter coach carp win the moment
    Brenda Russell
  • It’s more than about a sport, it’s about our future. And the kids are the future, using sport to show kids where hard work, dedication,commitment,respect, and faith can take you in sport and in life. Once a kid believes, the sky is the limit!! And this is what this man stands for, and I will always back him up and help his athletes.

    quincey whittington body builder win the moment review testimonial
    Quincey Whittington Professional Body Builder
  • I can’t say enough GREAT things about what Coach is doing! He is first class in EVERY way!

    stephen mackey win the moment review testimonail
    Stephen Mackey Founder, 2 Words and Mackey Speaks


Respected. Experienced. Passionate. That’s the Win The Moment Team.

John T. Carpenter Founder/Coach

Coach Carp has nearly three decades of experience teaching transformational leadership and relational coaching. By founding Win The Moment, he has brought this long-term passion to life for not only student athletes and coaches, but also educational and business organizations.

Stephen Bratcher Events Coordinator

Stephen Bratcher is a teacher, coach and former student athlete. As part of Win The Moment, he is able to share with others the same gifts of encouragement and wisdom he received from his own coaches and other mentors.

“I believe that everything you need to know to be successful in the game of life, you can learn in the game of sports.”

Introducing Winning Moments by Coach John T. Carpenter, with a foreword by Stephen Mackey of 2 Words and Mackey Speaks. This awesome, easy-to-read 13-week devotional and journal will inspire, motivate, encourage and deepen reflection. While written with the student-athlete in mind, Winning Moments is a valuable tool for anyone who is willing to set aside a few minutes each week to strengthen themselves spiritually and mentally. As Coach Carp is fond of saying, “What’s true in sports is true in the game of life.”

Winning Moments is available for $19.99 (tax and shipping included). Bulk pricing is also available; contact us for details. $1 of every purchase goes directly to the 4 the Heroes Foundation, which was created to honor those who were lost or wounded while serving in the military, law enforcement or as a firefighter.

“You get one shot to make this shot. You can only make today’s impact today. The moment is precious. Win it.”